• The Different Types of Online Bingo Games

    Added - June 9, 2014 Bingo

    If you're an online bingo fan, or if you're looking into getting into online bingo, then you might find yourself a little intimidated by how many different types of bingo there are. We're going to help you out here by giving you an overview of what the different types look like, what they are called and how you can figure out which of the games will be best for you. Many players prefer enjoying several different types of bingo, so feel free to pick and choose as many as you want. You aren't limited to playing just one type.

    If you're a North American player, then you're probably familiar with 75-ball bingo. This is a game played on a five-by-five card with the BINGO letters spread across the time. You'll usually have a free space in the center, and different patterns will let you win. You can play to cover your entire card, to get five in a row, or to get different patterns. The key to this game is knowing the pattern and keeping up with the numbers that are being called so that you don't miss anything. If you've heard of Speed Bingo before, this is a variation of 75-ball bingo where the numbers are called out very quickly.

    European and Australian players will probably be more familiar with 90-ball bingo. In this game, you're playing on a card with nine columns and three rows with five numbers on each row for a total of 15 numbers. With 90-ball bingo, you'll play with multiple stages where you try to cover a single line, then two lines, and then the entire 15-number card. The prize pool will be broken up to award the winners of these three stages differently, but the full house prize is almost always the highest-paying stage.

    Another type of game you might find is 30-ball bingo which uses a three-by-three card that you're always trying to completely fill. These games don't take long, so they're good for players who just have a short amount of time. Another fun game online is 80-ball bingo which is an atypical variation most commonly played online these days. There are several different patterns that you can follow in this game to win, but they are all played on a four-by-four grid. Overall, the different types of bingo have more in common than they have differences.