• The Social Factor of Playing Bingo Online

    Added - Sept. 1, 2014 Bingo

    Bingo has been growing on the Internet for quite a while, and it's to the point that we don't know if it will ever seem like it's going to slow down. Bingo has a number of advantages over other types of betting when it comes to the social side of things, and that's something that online casinos and poker rooms have been trying to manage for a while because there are a lot of lessons to be learned. We're going to look at the social side of online bingo, how it has affected the rest of the industry, and why it's hurting the ability for online bingo to spread to the mobile sector.

    What makes bingo so much different from other forms of online gambling is that there is a huge community aspect to it. You meet players and develop friendships that can carry on for years, and this is something that's missing in online casino play. Online poker has this to a degree, but it's limited by the fact that you're always trying to take each other's money when you play together. With bingo, you're just trying to win without necessarily trying to take money out of the next player's pocket.

    This community aspect has put a bind on the mobile space because software designers are having a really hard time figuring out how to integrate the social atmosphere with chat and other features into the smaller mobile screen without disrupting the game. Bingo is a game that needs a fair amount of screen space to begin with because all of the numbers have to be displayed with enough room for you to click to cover certain spaces, and when you add the need to chat and do other things, it's almost impossible to make it work out in a reasonable way.

    Overall, if you're looking to make friends and build relationships with people who you play with on a regular basis, then bingo is the way to do it. No other form of online gambling allows you to do it on the level that bingo does, and that's why it's the perfect form of online gambling for people who want to relax and enjoy their games with friends. No matter what kind of bingo you like or what stakes you want to play, it's always going to be the same set of people ready to cheer your wins.