• The Three Stages of 90-Ball Bingo

    Added - Aug. 4, 2014 Bingo

    In several parts of the world, 90-ball bingo is the most popular type of bingo around. It's gained a lot of popularity on the Internet, and one of the reasons why is that it's so atypical when compared to other games. The 90-ball bingo card is made up of a grid with three rows and nine columns. In each row, there are five columns that are chosen at random to have a number, so each row will have four spots that are blank. Each column, on the other hand, can have ten different numbers. The first column is 1-10, the second column is 11-20 and so on until the ninth column can have 81-90.

    There are three stages of 90-ball bingo, however. The first stage is called "one line," and this means the first person to get all five numbers marked on one of their horizontal lines. There are three possible lines, and you can use any of them to win at this stage of the game, but all five numbers have to be on the same row for it to count. This is a bit atypical when compared to some forms of bingo, but that's one of the reasons why this game has maintained its popularity.

    The second stage of 90-ball bingo is the natural extension of the "one line" stage, and it's called the "two lines" stage. As you can probably guess, this involves getting two complete lines of five numbers each filled. Remember that this only applies to the rows, not the columns. Finally, the final stage is a "full house" which just means that you get all of your numbers covered. These three stages will all give payouts to whoever gets to that stage first, and you can read up on those payouts and the payout structure of the game overall, but the full house usually has the highest prize of the three.

    Essentially, 90-ball bingo creates a situation where the layout of the game is pretty different than most bingo games. The ultimate goal is to get all 15 of your numbers covered, and there are two smaller payouts for the first person who gets one line and for the first person who gets two lines. This game is set up in a way to make it really easy to play multiple cards because you always know which column you're looking for, and the three-row setup makes it easy to quickly scan several cards at once.