• A Quick and Easy Guide to Jacks or Better Video Poker

    Added - Jan. 20, 2014 Casino

    If you're wanting to get good at video poker as a whole, then it's basically mandatory that you learn how to play Jacks or Better on an expert level. Here we're going to show you how to do just that by teaching you which drawing hands are more valuable than others. The point behind knowing this information is that it tells you how to choose which discards to play, and that's the center of all video poker strategy. Let's get started with the strongest hands and work our way backwards.

    If you have four of a kind or better, then you will never break your hand under any circumstances no matter what. If you have a made hand that's between three of a kind and a full house, then you will only break it if you have four cards to a royal. Four cards to a royal flush is better than a made flush or a made straight. This is basically the only thing that you need to know about breaking made hands for draws.

    The mid-range hands are a little more complicated to learn. If you have a choice between four to a straight flush and a high pair, then you should go for the straight flush. Otherwise, you should keep a high pair over three to a royal flush, but you should keep the three to a royal flush over four to a plain flush. What this means is that you should break a four-card flush draw if you're able to get a three-card royal draw. Four-card flush draws are better than low pairs (tens or worse), but low pairs are better than straight draws because straight draws pay less than flushes and are less likely to hit.

    The low end of the hand spectrum is fairly easy to figure out with a couple of exceptions. Two suited high cards is better than three to a straight flush, but three to a straight flush is better than two offsuit high cards. If you happen to have three offsuit high cards, then make sure that you pick the lowest two. This is anti-intuitive at first, but choosing the lower two cards maximizes your chances of getting a straight. If you don't have at least two high cards or a draw, then you'll normally keep just the single high card, though you should keep a suited JT, QT or KT combination if you have it.

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