• A Strategic Approach to Let It Ride Casino Poker

    Added - March 17, 2014 Casino

    Casino poker games offer an interesting blend of skill and luck, and in that sense, they're a lot like other titles like blackjack and video poker. To this end, you'll want to maximize the skill end of things to boost your chances that the luck end of things will swing in your favor. Let It Ride is a game that gives you a ton of control over the bet sizes used as the hand progresses, and it has some very heavy strategic play that can really make or break your chances of winning in your session.

    A hand of Let It Ride starts with placing three bets that are all the same exact size. The gameplay revolves around having the option to pull back up to two of your bets during the course of the hand. After the first three cards are dealt, you get a chance to pull back a bet. Then after the fourth is dealt, you get another chance to pull back a bet. After the fifth card is dealt, your final hand is paid according to a paytable that's similar to those that are used in video poker, but they are paid as a multiple of all of the remaining bets left in play.

    Generally speaking, you'll want to pull back your bet in the same situations where it would not be profitable to increase your bet sizes. What that means is that if you already have a pair of tens or better, the lowest hand that earns a payout, then you should always keep your bet out there since you're guaranteed to at least get it back. When you have four cards, you'll also be able to keep open-ended straight draws and flush draws as well.

    Playing with three cards is a bit more difficult because you have a lot less information to go off of, and most players will make most mistakes on this decision as a result. In addition to made hands like a pair of tens or better or three of a kind, you can also play with three to a royal or better. On top of that, you can play with any three suited cards in a row as long as the lowest card is a three or higher, and you can play with three to a straight flush as long as you have a high card for each gap the draw has.