• Avoiding the Traps of All American Video Poker

    Added - Nov. 24, 2014 Casino

    Most video poker games have strategies that fall under a basic set of rules. These rules have to do with which types of hands are worth more than others. In All American video poker, you're not typically going to be able to follow these rules automatically because the payout table is different in ways that are very atypical. In short, you'll get big payouts worth 8x for a full house, straight or flush, and the payout for two pair is reduced to 1x. Also relevant is that the straight flush payout has been increased to 200x.

    Let's look at one good example of a trap hand that most video poker fans would play incorrectly in All American. Suppose you have AdAh9h5h3h. The vast majority of players could tell you that a high pair is stronger than a flush draw in video poker, so they would most likely keep the AA and go from there. In this game, however, that's incorrect. The flush draw is worth about 17 percent more of a bet than the pair is, so you'd be losing some major value even though it's a high pair that you would be passing up on when you play correctly.

    Another good example happens when you have a pair with an open-ended straight draw. Most of the time, you're taught that even a low pair is better than an open-ended straight draw, but in All American, it's a big more complicated than that. Three to a straight flush is stronger than a low pair, and four to an open-ended straight draw is always better than a low pair. When it comes to high pairs, however, you'll want to keep the pair if your open-ended straight draw is going to have fewer than one high cards in it.

    What this means is that if you have a hand like JJT98 with no flush draw that playing the JJ is better than playing the JT98, but it's by less than half of a percent of the size of your bet when it comes to your average payout rate. With something like QJJT9, however, the open-ended straight draw is much better by a favor of over six percent. Overall, making the right adjustments will help you to avoid traps that really hurt the payout rates of people who don't know how the differences in the payout table really matter.

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