• Complete Video Poker Strategy in Three Lessons

    Added - May 12, 2014 Casino

    Most hands in video poker are very straight-forward to play. However, some of them are tricky, and this is especially the case when you have multiple ways to play your hand. Here we have three lessons for you to learn that will help you to form a complete video poker strategy by clarifying how to play those more difficult scenarios where a hand could be played two different ways. If you spend some time to remember these three lessons, then you'll have a hard time running into difficult hands that you don't know how to play.

    The first lesson to learn is the true value of a high pair. In most games, a high pair will get you a 1x payout. However, they are worth more than just getting back your bet because they have a chance to improve. A flush draw, on the other hand, also has a chance to improve but with no guaranteed payout. If you have a high pair with a flush draw, then you should always keep the high pair. They have similar chances of improving, but the high pair gets a promised payout while the flush draw does not.

    Now consider what happens in a similar situation for your second lesson. This lesson will compare the value of a low pair with a flush draw. The low pair is not guaranteed a payout, but it does have similar chances to improve when compared to the flush draw. If you have a flush draw with a low pair, then you should go with the flush draw. The higher payout and the chance of catching a high pair if you have high cards in your hand far surpass the payouts you can get from a low pair.

    Finally, you get to learn the true value of a low pair with the third lesson. Imagine you have a low pair, but this time you have an eight-out straight draw to go with it. For example, you might have 87765 with no flush draw possible. In this situation, your two options are to go with the 8765 straight draw or to keep your pair of sevens. You should actually keep the low pair here, and this is why. The straight draw has a lower chance of hitting than the flush draw, and it does not pay off as well when it does hit the hand you're going for.

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