• Complicated Roulette Bets Made Quick and Easy

    Added - June 30, 2014 Casino

    If you want to become well-rounded as a casino game player, then you have to learn how to make many different types of bets on many different types of games. Roulette is one of those games that everyone seems to know a very small amount about, but the complicated bets are often something that very few people know about. If you want to learn how to play these bets while also knowing the odds at the same time without having to memorize a bunch of charts, then we have exactly what you need to get to that level.

    Most complicated roulette bets have a geometrical motif. Corner bets, for example, are placed with chips on the middle corner between four individual numbers. A split bet is placed on the line between two adjacent numbers. A row bet is placed on the outside edge and is a wager on the three numbers on a column. You can make a six-bet the same way with your chips on the outside corner. With all of these wagers, you're placing a single bet with a stack of chips on a few different spots. It's easy to see which numbers give you the win, but knowing the payouts is a bit more difficult.

    There are a couple dozen different bets in roulette, so memorizing the payouts of each individual bet is a bit of a stretch. However, there's a shortcut you can use. Divide 36 by the number of spots that give you the win, then subtract one to get your payout rate. For example, a corner bet is a wager on four spots, so divide 36 by four and subtract one to get the payout rate of 8:1. On a split bet you're betting on two numbers, so divide 36 by 2 and subtract 1 to get 17:1.

    This is a quick and easy approach to complicated roulette bets. If you follow this approach, then you will be able to look at any single roulette bet and be able to quickly calculate the payout of the bet. This works with outside bets as well. For example, a 2:1 column bet is a wager on 12 numbers, and so you do 36 divided by 12 minus 1 to get 2:1 which is the obvious payout rate. Shortcuts like these will help you to become more well-rounded than the people you tend to play with.