• High-Level Caribbean Stud in Four Lessons

    Added - Oct. 27, 2014 Casino

    To achieve the best possible payout rate in Caribbean Stud, you're required to learn an exceptionally complicated strategy for when to raise and when to fold that is almost impossible to learn in a way that will give you a 100 percent accuracy rate. However, with four easy lessons, you can get very close to perfect play. The first lesson is to always raise with a pair or better and to always fold if you have AQ-high or worse. The other three lessons have to do with when to play AK-high hands specifically.

    The second lesson is that you need to know that AK-high hands should be played based on the other cards in your hand and the card that the dealer is showing. If the dealer is showing a card that's a queen or lower, then you should raise if it matches one of the cards in your hand. The reason for this is pretty simple once you think about it: Matching one of your cards means it's less likely that the dealer has a pair, and that kicks things over into raising territory. If you pay attention to the relationship between these cards, then you can learn all of these lessons very quickly.

    Our third lesson has to do with situations where the dealer is showing an ace or a king. When that happens, you can only raise when you have a queen or jack in your hand other than the ace and king. For example, if you have AKJ42 or AKQ97 or even AKQJ2, then you can raise against a dealer showing an ace or a king. This is a little tricky to think about, but it basically has to do with the times that the dealer also has AK-high and you have a better kicker.

    The fourth and final lesson has to do with a very rare situation that comes up where you have AK-high and the dealer's card is queen or lower without matching one of your cards. If this happens, you can only raise if you have a queen in your hand for AKQ-high and the dealer's card beats no more than one of the cards in your hand. Keep in mind this is getting into the territory of exceptionally marginal situations, and you'll be lucky to run into this situation once each week with regular play, but it's important to know to maximize your payout rate.