• Forex vs. Binary Options-Type Financial Betting Online

    Added - Jan. 30, 2014 Financial

    There are a lot of people out there who want to place what fundamentally amounts to a bet on the outcome of the value of a currency or a stock over a set period of time. There are two main ways to do this: forex and binary options. Each of these choices are geared towards different types of people who want different types of experiences, but they have a number of ideas in common. Here we'll show you what to look for with each of these.

    The Forex Market

    Forex is based on foreign currency exchange. The idea is that you are trying to correctly guess which way the relative values of currencies are going to go. There is a lot of research that goes into this type of financial betting, and it's very much geared towards people who are research oriented. To make a compairson between the financial betting world and the casino world, forex would fall more along the lines of skill-based games like blackjack and video poker. There is definitely an element of chance in these games, but in the long run, superior skill will win out.

    Binary Options

    On the most basic level, a binary option is a bet that a stock price will end up higher or lower after a set period of time. These periods of time can be as low as 30 seconds, and it definitely allows people to get in on the action in a very short period of time. The downside to binary options is that there is not as much skill involved unless you want to have your options last for a longer time. For example, you could have binary options that were based on a time period of an hour or more, or you could have it based around the ending value of the stock for the trading day.

    Binary options generally seen as being less skill-based than the forex market. However, it's easier to get started, and you can go on winning streaks pretty easily. They don't take as long to bet with, and they don't require a lot of knowledge or research either.

    Forex and Binary Options Affiliates

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