• The Future of Mobile Online Casinos and Gambling Online

    Added - Dec. 4, 2013 Mobile

    Even though mobile online casinos are fairly new, it's not too hard for people who are very familiar with the industry to figure out where this particular segment of the market is heading. There are three key things to watch for as the mobile gambling part of the industry gets bigger and bigger. These three things will basically serve as landmarks in time for the expansion of mobile gaming.

    No Difference Between the Downloadable and Mobile Software

    Right now, most of the major online casino software development companies have different software platforms for their downloadable casino and their mobile one. This creates a situation where the selection of games is usually smaller on the mobile version. As we move forward in time, we're starting to see most new software companies in this industry craft their product so the same software is used both on computers and on mobile devices. This helps to keep people interested in mobile gambling since games released on one platform are automatically ready on another.

    A Big Push for HTML5 Over Java and Macromedia Flash

    Up until a few years ago, there were two primary software types when it came to mobile casino software. The first was powered by Java, and the second was powered by Macromedia Flash. While Flash was a big improvement over Java, a lot of older cell phones can't run Flash applications. Almost all modern phones, even phones a decade old, can run Java-based applications. However, recently HTML5 has started getting a lot of attention because it can run better games than Flash using the same amount of resources. HTML5 is the platform of the future, and more software companies have been using it than ever before.

    Mobile Gambling Eventually Dominates

    When it comes to routine tasks like checking email or social networking accounts, mobile users are coming closer and closer to overtaking the number of computer-based users out there. Eventually, it's looking like this could eventually be the case for gambling on the Internet as well. As mobile gambling becomes more popular and personal computer sales continue to see a lack of growth, it could very well happen in the not-so-distant future.