• Benefits of Playing Online Poker Vs. Physical Poker

    Added - Nov. 27, 2013 Poker

    Playing poker on the Internet is the same as playing in a brick-and-mortar poker room as far as the rules of the game goes, but that's about it. The games are so different that players who excel in one area don't necessarily excel in the other, and a lot of professional players are even confined to one or the other. Here we want to point out some of the benefits of playing online instead of playing in a physical poker room.

    Hands Are Dealt Faster

    In a live poker room, you have a longer wait between hands because you have to wait for the dealer to shuffle the deck. You don't really want to rush your dealer because a good shuffle is really important to the game, but in an online environment, the shuffle is basically immediate. A new hand comes right after the previous hand ends, and that means that you get in more hands in a shorter amount of time. On top of that, the hands play faster in general because there's no pot counting or dealing with making change and other issues that come with physical chips.

    The Costs Are Lower

    The rake is a small amount taken out of most poker pots that is used to pay the poker room. The rake in most online games is about five percent, and the rake in live games is often 10 percent or higher. This means that you're going to have to beat the players by a larger amount just to break even. On top of this, you don't have to tip out to your dealers or other members of the casino staff, so online poker ends up being less expensive in a number of ways.

    You Can Play Short Sessions

    If you have to drive to a physical poker room, get chips and wait on a seat at a table, then it's basically impossible to enjoy a short session. With an online poker room, you can play for as short of a period of time as you want, and this makes it a lot easier to get in on the action when you don't have an entire evening to spare.

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