• How to Get Started Playing Online Poker

    Added - Dec. 4, 2013 Poker

    Back around 2003, online poker exploded because poker was showing up a lot on television. More people became aware of no-limit hold'em and wanted in on the action. If you want to get started playing poker on the Internet, then there are a few steps that you should follow first.

    Step 1: Get Rakeback

    Rakeback is the number one thing that online poker players tend to miss out on these days. Rakeback essentially gives you back a good percentage of the rake that you pay into the casino site, and while this might not seem like a big deal, even good winning players can add to their profits by anywhere from 25 to 50 percent by using rakeback. This can be the difference between being a winning player and a losing player, and you don't want to leave free money on the table.

    Step 2: Decide on Your Game

    Because of the popularity of no-limit hold'em tournaments, big bet versions of Texas hold'em (like pot-limit and no-limit) are the most popular types of games available right now followed by pot-limit Omaha. However, because these games have been popular for so long, the average skill level is fairly high. You should take some time to decide if you want to go with the mainstream choices or if you want to focus on a game like seven card stud or fixed-limit hold'em that still gets a lot of action but that includes plenty of players who aren't as good.

    Step 3: Balance Study and Play

    Playing poker on the Internet is a lot of fun, but you can't forget that it's a skill-based game. The higher your skill level, the better your profits will be. Make sure that you balance your time between working on your strategies by looking over your past hands and actually playing. If you make it fun by trying to work to get better and better, you'll be rolling in profits before you know it. After you choose your game, find some resources for improving at it and become the best you can be to maximize your profits overall.