• Texas Hold'em Poker Vs. Other Variations

    Added - Oct. 4, 2013 Poker

    If you want to know why Texas hold'em is the most popular type of poker out here, then you have to start by looking at how it compares to other styles of poker out there. Here we'll look at the three other major types of poker and how they compare.

    Seven Card Stud

    Texas hold'em is actually a slight variation of seven card stud that uses community cards instead of giving each player their own board. Seven card stud requires a lot of effort to keep up with which cards have been dealt, and this makes it more complicated. It's also typically played in a fixed-limit format which doesn't really appeal to the "attention deficit" culture that technology has fueled. It requires a lot of focus when you're playing a hand, and it's mostly about exploiting small advantages.

    Five Card Draw

    There are a few different variations of five card draw, but they all suffer from the same disadvantage when compared to Texas hold'em. That disadvantage is that the scope of the game is rather narrow. On the other hand, Texas hold'em, especially the no-limit and pot-limit versions, are particularly deep when it comes to strategy. There are a lot more options to out-smart your opponents in hold'em, and it's also more of an action-oriented game when compared to five card draw.

    Pot-Limit Omaha

    Omaha hold'em is similar to Texas hold'em except that you use four hole cards instead of two, and you have to use exactly two (no more, no less) pocket cards and three community cards to make your hand. This makes the hand values in Omaha run closer together. This is also why the game is typically played pot-limit instead of no-limit so that the pre-flop actions are limited to keep people from just going all-in with above-average hands over and over. Post-flop play is a lot more important in Omaha hold'em, and it's a bit deeper than Texas hold'em in that regard. It's also much more difficult to learn how to play well, and the edges are smaller for good players, so it hasn't picked up quite as much popularity yet.