• What Rakeback Is and How to Take Advantage of It

    Added - Dec. 6, 2013 Poker

    Online casino rooms have people working for them who are called affiliates. These affiliates are charged with the task of helping to promote the poker room and bring in new players. As compensation, they usually receive some percentage of the rake that you contribute to the poker room. This is typically in the 25-35 percent range. These affiliates compete against each other for new players at online poker sites, so they have to provide an incentive to players. They offer to return a percentage of a player's rake back to them from their commission. This is where the term rakeback comes from.

    Rakeback is an extremely important part of your bottom line, especially in today's tough games. The best winning players even at stakes as high as $1/2 or $2/4 will pay about as much in rake as they receive in total profits. This means that receiving 25 percent of your rake back could boost your profits by 25 percent if you fall into this category. If you are a winning player without being in the top elite tier, then this could double your profits overall, so it's easy to see how critical rakeback is to your bankroll.

    The thing that rakeback does is effectively lower the rake of the game that you're playing. The rake is the number one thing that prevents players from being profitable, and doing whatever you can to lower its impact on your winnings is often going to be a good thing. Winning regulars at stakes as low as $0.50/1 will often pay $30-40 per hour in rake, so a four-hour session could easy cost them $100, or a full buy-in. Rakeback gives you a significant portion of that money back.

    As you can see, it's extremely important to sign up for rakeback through a reputable site like this one. If you sign up through some random no-name, then they could just pocket your rake without sticking to your agreement. This is a pretty terrible thing to happen, but it's up to you to make the right choice and stick to a good site with a good reputation for your rakeback. Learn more about rakeback by visiting the following Wikipedia page on rakeback: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rake_(poker) here.