• Is There Still an Element of Chance Involved in Skill-Based Gaming

    Added - Oct. 19, 2013 Skill

    The main thing that appeals to competitive players when it comes to skill-based games is that the luck factor is minimized and that most of the results depend on how well you play. While some players think that the outcomes of some games are entirely based on skill, that's not usually the case. Even in a game like chess that is considered one of the most skill-based games available today, there's a degree of luck in determining who gets white and who gets black. This can influence the outcome of the game because the player who has white moves first, and that's a measurable advantage.

    One of the things that a lot of sites have started doing is producing their own special games that are designed for players to use to go head-to-head in competition for real money. A lot of the luck factor can be taken out of these games by removing things that create inherent advantages for one player in a game like white having an advantage from the starting position in chess. However, it's virtually impossible to take every single bit of luck out of a game.

    For example, suppose that you and your opponent were going to play an arcade-style game against each other that involves matching up blocks. The rules of the game dictate that you both get the same blocks in the same order, and whoever ends up with the highest score at the end wins the game. Even in a game like this where it seems like every bit of luck has been removed, it's still possible to have freak occurances happen like a player's connection slowing down or a computer mouse dying in the middle of the game. While the game itself might not have a luck element, the overall experience of playing can.

    Overall, skill-game players have to decide for themselves what an acceptable amount of luck is. In games like poker, there's a larger amount of luck involved than a game like the arcade-style titles referenced above. Just remember that having a little bit of luck in a game can help to keep worse players around and improve your bottom line in the long run.