• Key Attacking Motifs in Online Skill Game Betting

    Added - April 28, 2014 Skill

    A lot of heads-up skill games that you can be on over the Internet have key elements of attack and defense that are a major part of the strategies that have to be used. The vast majority of games favor the attacking player, and that's why it's so important to learn the key attacking motifs. Here we want to introduce you to a line of thought that can help you with your attacking game so that you can win a larger percentage of your games and be a profitable player when compared to your opponents.

    In any game you play, there were be specific things that could give you an advantage over your opponent. For example, you may have more mobility, more forces to work with, better-positioned forces or initiative. Whenever these advantages add up, you are in a position to attack with confidence. The goal from the beginning of the game for an attacking player shouldn't be to just attack. Instead, it should be to try to build up these advantages so that your attacks have a better chance of being met with success. This is the true strategy behind attacking. Along similar lines, notice how difficult it is to attack successfully whenever you're at a sizable disadvantage.

    Once you understand the strategic basis of attack, you have to deal with the tactical side. By that, we mean that you have to deal with the actual attacking process. Here's a simple process to follow. Pick out the weakest two or three points in your opponent's game. From there, see which of those are the easiest for you to attack and the most difficult for him to defend. You will usually be able to see a clear point of attack from this simple process that most people don't know how to do.

    After you have established the advantage and chosen where to attack, you should start lining up your forces in a way to exert pressure on the area that you have decided to go after. If you have forces that have a hard time attacking directly, then attack your opponent's forces that would defend the area. Taking out his defenses is a key part of making this work, and it's a relatively easy way of cashing in on advantages like having a superior force, better mobility and superior positioning of your own forces in comparison to your opponent's.