• The Differences Between Tactics and Strategy With Online Skill Games

    Added - May 26, 2014 Skill

    One of the big advantages of online skill games are that they don't usually have a big volume of strategy and tips published about them. This makes it easier to get an advantage over the field with study and practice, and it gives you a ton of opportunities to figure out your own ways to play. To do this successfully, you're going to need to know the distinct differences between tactics and strategy, and you're going to have to develop both if you want to perform well at skill games online.

    Take tactics for example. In any game you play, you'll start to notice patterns of traps that you or the opponent can fall into. These often involve some kind of situation where there are multiple things being attacked that you can't tend to all at once or having too many metaphorical fires to put out and not enough water. If you keep a manual list of these tactics and study them, then you'll be much more likely to find them in play than your opponents, and this will result in a large advantage over everyone who you will be playing.

    Strategy, on the other hand, has to do with longer-term planning. Typically speaking, you'll gain advantages through tactics and then press them to convert them into a win with strategy. For example, if your opponent is having to act more quickly and with less time to act because of a tactical advantage that you have, then you'll want to press them on it until they make another mistake. Then you'll have an even larger advantage and the ability to push your advantage even harder. Eventually, your advantage will be too much, and it will very clearly turn into a win.

    The relationship between tactics and strategy is very important, but when it comes to fleshing out how to get the advantage in skill games online, you need to be able to make a clear distinction between the two. Tactics are typically going to be enough to win a lot of games, especially against relatively weaker competition that won't be putting in the work that you will. However, you'll need superior strategy if you run into players who also know the basic tactics and are on the lookout for them. If you have the option to avoid these players, it's probably not a bad idea.