• What Exactly is Skill Gaming and How Does It Work

    Added - Oct. 1, 2013 Skill

    The general setup when gambling online is that you're competing against the house in games that are primarily dictated by chance. You'll have a chance of winning some prizes that turn a net profit, and the house will average a small advantage to make money to support their operations. A lot of people like this setup, but a lot of people are also very competitive and like going up against other players in games of skill.

    There are several different ways that skill games can be played for real money. Poker is a great example of a game that is largely based on skill that players can enjoy against each other, but it still has a fair degree of luck. Some sites will allow you to play traditional board games or other contests for real money. They make a profit from providing these games by taking a small percentage of the winning bet or by charging a fee for playing that's often called the rake. For example, a given game might allow you to bet $5 against the other player. If you win, you might only profit $4.75 since the site took $0.25 (or whatever the fee size is) for hosting the game.

    Some sites offer special games that they have created that are largely based on skill. There are a number of advantages to this. First off, it helps to prevent computer-based cheating for popular board games that have extremely strong computer engines. Games like Connect Four, for example, have been completely solved by computer programs that are easy to find, so it doesn't make sense to allow players to bet on these titles.

    Flash-based arcade-style games seem to be the norm with games that are developed specifically by the sites for players to enjoy against each other for real money. They're a lot of fun to learn since you get to practice, draw up your own strategies and improve in an effort to win more than you lose and take down a nice profit. All in all, adding a bet to any skill-based game makes it much more serious and much more fun.