• Win-rates and Other Metrics for Measuring Skill Game Success

    Added - Feb. 3, 2014 Skill

    Playing skill games for cash online is something that players can really get into and put a lot of effort in with a goal of becoming a winning player and making a profit off of playing some fun games. If you want to get on the level that you need to be to pull this offer, then you'll need to be aware of the various metrics used to measure your profitability and level of success. Here we want to introduce you to some of those metrics.

    Your win-rate is your key figure that will dominate a lot of your decisions about what to play and what stakes to play at. You calculate your win-rate by figuring out the average amount of money that you stand to win or lose, on average, from playing a game. For example, suppose you play a two-player, heads-up puzzle game that has a $5.75 entry fee and that pays out $5.00 to the winner. If you win 60 percent of the games you play, then your win-rate will be $0.70 per game. There's a simple way to calculate this:

    (chance of winning)(profit when you win) - (chance of losing)(loss when you lose)

    So in this example, it would be (0.6)($5) - (0.4)($5.75) = $0.70 to get your win-rate per game. You should calculate this for each particular game at each particular stake. For example, if you were playing the same game at a different stake, then that's a new calculation. Along the same lines, if you were playing a different game at the same stakes, then that's also a new calculation. The key is to group together all of your playing sessions of the same game at the same stakes. This will allow you to figure out where you are the most profitable.

    Something that all players should do, and something that you have to do if you want to be able to use these types of calculations, is keep records of all of the games you play and the results. You can use a simple spreadsheet to do this, and that will allow you to quickly and easily figure out your win-rate at different games. This makes it easier to choose the best games for you to play based on profitability. It can also help you to decide when you're ready to switch games or move up to different stakes.