• Some of the More Popular Online Sports Betting Sites

    Added - Nov. 6, 2013 Sports

    There are two main sites that you will probably want to stick with when you're starting out with betting on sports on the Internet. The first is Bet365, one of the real juggernauts of the online sportsbook world. The other is Betway, another solid choice. When you place your bets with top-tier sites like these, you'll have a much better experience than if you pick some off-brand site with a sketchy past. You'll get better promotions, better customer service and better lines more often than not.

    Betway Online Sportsbook

    If you're looking to bet on games from European and UK markets, then Betway is probably the best place to do it. They have one of the best selections of deposit and withdrawal methods available, and they have a great depth in the markets that they cover with a lot of different options on how to place your bets. They have a long, exceptional record of paying out when they are supposed to without delay tactics or any other shady business, and they are a very solid company in every sense of the word.

    http://www.betway.com - Betway Official Website

    Bet365 Online Sportsbook

    If Betway is known for their depth, then Bet365 is known for their breadth. They have coverage of markets from all over the world including the Asian markets that Betway lacks. With that having been said, they aren't always as deep in their coverage of UK and European markets, so you may have to pick which of these two sportsbooks you want to bet with based on that factor. They are fully licensed for operation inside of the United Kingdom where they are based, and they have one of the best reputations of any online gambling site in the history of the industry.

    http://www.bet365.com - Bet365 Official Website

    One of the things that makes Bet365 stand out so much for online sports betting is their in-play markets. They allow you to make special types of bets on different events that are happening inside of games that are being played like which team will score the next point or which team will draw the next penalty. This makes for a much more in-depth experience when you're sweating the games and matches that you have bet with.