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  • Tracking Progress to Improve Your Algorithms in Financial Betting

    Added - Dec. 8, 2014

    A large part of financial betting is incorporating a degree of testing with trial and error when it comes to seeing if your algorithms are up to a level where they can be profitable. One of the best ways to test your algorithms to systematically improve them is to track ...

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  • Hidden Factors When Evaluating Non-Binary Options

    Added - Nov. 10, 2014

    When you're getting into financial betting, one of the things you might be tempted to do is get into betting on different types of options without fully understanding what's going on with the payouts. Binary options are simple enough because you're betting on whether or not a ...

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  • Understanding the EV Factor of Financial Wagers

    Added - Oct. 13, 2014

    In financial betting, you have to understand certain aspects of mathematics if you want to be able to do the proper analysis to have a chance at developing models that can beat the markets that you're interested in. One of the most important concepts you need to learn is ...

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  • The Mathematics That Drive Digital Options

    Added - Sept. 15, 2014

    There are a ton of different choices in financial betting that can be considered "options." However, digital options are somewhat unique in that they are very simple versions of these ways of betting. While they aren't particularly popular in and of themselves, they do offer a lot of lessons ...

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  • Figuring Wins and Losses in Binary Betting

    Added - July 22, 2014

    Binary betting is one of the easiest places to start if you're betting financial markets because they offer a very static level of wins and losses. What happens is that you're given a set stipulation that can either happen or not. For example, you could be betting that ...

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  • The Most Basic Concepts That Drive Financial Market Betting

    Added - June 23, 2014

    If you're wanting to get involved with financial market betting, then there are some basic fundamental concepts that you're going to have to understand first before you will have any chance of gaining an advantage over the long run. These concepts are the pillars of solid strategy and ...

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  • Forex vs. Binary Options-Type Financial Betting Online

    Added - Jan. 30, 2014

    There are a lot of people out there who want to place what fundamentally amounts to a bet on the outcome of the value of a currency or a stock over a set period of time. There are two main ways to do this: forex and binary options. Each of ...

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  • Strategy Involved in Forex and Binary Options and How to Prevail

    Added - Nov. 19, 2013

    With both forex and binary options betting, you're looking at a handful of things to make a decision on which way to bet. There is world news, local news and other current events on one hand. On the other hand, there are pure mathematic principles and the charts showing ...

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  • What is Financial Spread Betting and How Does It Work

    Added - Nov. 18, 2013

    One type of financials betting that has increased in popularity is called financial spread betting, and while it covers a number of different types of bets, they all have a basic set of premises in common. Here we're going to show you the basics of how this type of ...

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